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The Passing of Time

My life has been very busy lately. You can probably tell just due to the lapse in posted blogs. My intentions have been good all along, but finding the time to blog has been tough. I have notes and thoughts jotted down on post-its. I have more detailed thoughts written out in Evernote. And, I have even more floating in my head. There is so much to say, but it feels like there is so little time.

My family has been going through some changes, some more challenging than others, but nothing that I am comfortable getting into just yet. The problem is, I find myself really busy. Work keeps me very busy lately. The amount of writing I do for others vs. what I do for myself is greatly skewed – and not in my favor. Though every day as I am writing for someone else, I write down thoughts or ideas I have for my own writings. And I also write down reminders of things I want to do, like water my plants, give the dogs a bath, read a certain book, and so on.

I spend so much time in this cycle that I find my time with God getting smaller and smaller or even pushed aside. Do you feel me? I still spend time in prayer and I still spend time just talking to God because that’s something I will always do regardless of what is going on around me. But, I am talking about that time in the Word. Reading the Bible and studying.

My Bible is on my desk next to me every day as I work — I may glance at a verse or two. Maybe even an entire chapter. But, I am just not dedicating enough time.


Let’s think about that for a moment. By the time you are done reading this blog, your heart would have beaten an average of 195 beats. You may have taken roughly 54 breaths. Your eyes may have blinked about 36 times.

You could have made a cup of coffee. You could have hugged your mom. You could have taken 300 steps. You could have listened to your favorite song one more time. You could have told someone you loved them.

You could have lost someone you loved dearly.

Time passes so quickly. And once it does, we can never get it back. We all know this. We may not think about it often, but if we did, we may spend more time doing things that matter rather than wasting precious moments.

Yet, every day I find myself digging my way out of thousands of words written for someone else while spending very little time reading the words that were written to change my life.

When is there time for God? Where can I squeeze in time to have quiet time and just sit with Him? How can I do that when I am so busy? It seems impossible. And overwhelming.

And then it hit me. Nothing is impossible for God. So, why not go to Him first thing in the morning, right? Why not ask God to help me find a way to have some quiet time? Why not ask God to guide me in making it happen?

“Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.” – Matthew 19:26

For you, it may not be writing. For you, it could be time spent commuting, working, or time spent caring for an ailing parent or spouse. Maybe it is just the daily demands of maintaining a home with kids. Regardless, we all have the same amount of time. And we all have the free will to decide what we want to do with it.

Although it may seem like you are reading something written in one sitting, the reality is that nearly two months have gone by since I wrote this. And during that time, my life has still stayed busier than ever. But I have been intentional in my time with God – making that time more meaningful. And I have a lot to write for God so expect to be hearing more from me these days.

Until next time…❤❤

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